Class 101:

Come Celebrate Our Story

This class tells the history of LifeWater. From the early days of meeting in houses to the merger, learn how God has developed this church. Come share in the story that you are now a part of.

Class 201:

See what is Important to us

This class takes a look at what makes LifeWater unique. You will learn about LifeWater’s Core Values, Beliefs, and Mission. You will also learn about the different areas of ministry and how the leadership is structured. Come and learn what we believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, and the Bible.

Class 301:

Learn who you are and where you belong

This class will tell are your Spiritual gifts, personality, and passions and how to use them here at LifeWater. We will look at how your personality impacts the way you do ministry. This class will help you discover where you fit best in the church, and how you can use your gifts and passion to serve God. After completing this class, you will get to meet with a ministry leader to look over your results.

Class 401:

Discover how to impact your world

This class will help you to discover how you can impact the world. You will discover your Person-of-Interest, Disciple-making style and how to use it, and how to be able to courageously explain the Gospel.

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