The 7 Churches of the Apocalypse

(May 29 - July 24, 2016)

How do you define success in a Church?  How do you know if a Church is doing what it is suppose to do?  How do you know if you are on track as a follower of Christ?  Are you continuing to take those baby steps to spiritual maturity?  What would Jesus say to you today about where you are spiritually?  Don't miss this exciting new series as we answer these questions and many more as we focus on The 7 Churches of the Apocalypse.  

July 24 - The Church at Lifewater

July 17 - The Church at Laodicea

June 26 - The Church at Thyatira

June 19 - The Church at Pergamum

June 12 - The Church at Smyrna

June 5 - The Church at Ephesus

May 29 - Seven Churches of the Apocalypse: Introduction