Weekly Prayer Sheet

Specific Needs

  • Xander Jacobs - Tonsils/Adenoids/Tubes Surgery Recovery X

  • Melissa Cassias - Recovery

  • Craig Gill - Health

  • Casey- Chemotherapy

  • Dan Knee - Continued Cancer Healing

  • Terry Rutan - Recovery from Open Heart Surgery X

  • Elaine Carson (Sharyn’s mom) hip surgery recovery

  • Lynn Knee’s mom leg surgery recovery.

  • Tasha- get new right job

  • Sharon Mackey

  • Karen Wild (Kim Beutler’s Mother)- hospice

  • Rudy Mahara Jr. leading up Capital Campaign

  • Baptism Service and those being baptized and family members X

  • Tiffany and new baby Evalynn

Church Needs:

  • Upcoming Capital Campaign Planning and Preparing Hearts to Give

  • Lifegroups and Summer Bible Studies

  • Men’s Softball - may it bring in unbelievers and be a ministry that brings other’s to Christ

  • Pray for the Harvest


  • Dr. Katherine - Protection and Funding and breaking down barriers

  • Josh and Kelli - Hartford City - Funding, Hearts be Moved, Space, New House, and Fertility concerns.

  • Whitley County - New Church - Guide the Preparation Process and Equip and Deliver the right people for the job