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Don’t miss this exciting series as we look at doctrine and theology like you have never studied it before. My hope and prayer is that when we complete this series you will have a firm foundation of what you believe and why you believe it. And with that foundation, that you will be properly prepared to share and defend your faith with others. Don’t miss Creed!

Dec. 10th - Creed:  What We Believe God the Father

Dec. 3rd - Creed:  What We Believe about the Last Days 

Nov. 26th -  Creed: What We Believe about the Church

Nov.22nd - Thanksgiving Eve Service

Nov. 19th -  Creed: What We Believe about salvation and the Spirit filled life.

Nov. 12th - Creed: What We Believe About Humanity

Nov. 5th - Creed: What We Believe About the Bible