Dr. Katherine Welch, MD

Dr. Welch, a Board-certified Pediatrician, has been serving in Asia since 2000 and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011 she founded RELENTLESS, an organization serving at the intersection of health and justice. Dr. Welch travels globally as a consultant to counter-trafficking assistance programs in developing a more robust health component to their interventions. She also equips health professionals to leverage their skills in the fight against slavery. Dr. Katherine also takes to the streets, bars and local centers to provide clinical care to those who are abuse, exploited, or trafficked.

Katherine has served as a member of the International Organization for Migration/UNGIFT expert panel on health which produced the document “Caring for Trafficked Persons, Guidance for Health Providers”. She served on the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) Trafficking in Persons Task Force; and is also the Medical Advisor for Chab Dai Cambodia; and is the Medical Director for Global Health Promise.

If you can't find her at any of these places, she is probably out for a run.


Josh & Kelli Jones

Planting a church in Hartford City, IN and ministering to those in need. 


Reynold Jean Baptist  |    Haiti

A retired missionary that is being supported and living in Haiti.