Family means everything to us at LifeWater Community Church. To help families, we offer several different children's programs to help bring families together. Our Drop-in Daycare and Pre-School provide a fun and learning atmosphere for ages 1 through 5th grade. 

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Current Series: The Call

This series, I hope, will challenge you in a mighty way; I know I have been challenged.  We are studying “The Call” of Christ to fully follow Him.  Now when we first hear we are to fully follow Christ, it makes perfect sense that a Christian would certainly commit to this.  Even the mission statement of our church says that we are trying to “help each family find and fully follow Christ.”  But when we begin to see the full impact of what that actually means, it seems radical and counter-cultural.



Check out the various activities and needs of our church by visiting our Events page. We presently have opportunities for service in our Nursery, and our Shepherd's Store House and Operation Christmas Child ministries are always in need of donated items.  See how you can make a difference at LifeWater!

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