Family means everything to us at LifeWater Community Church. To help families, we offer several different children's programs to help bring families together. Our Drop-in Daycare and Pre-School provide a fun and learning atmosphere for ages 1 through 5th grade. 

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Current Series: Impact to the Max

Obedience is the key to being “devoted” and “all in” as you follow Him. One of the areas that seems to trip up followers of Christ more than any other is reaching out and making disciples. Many of us just don’t feel comfortable talking to other people about what we believe. We are conflicted over the fact that we know that Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples” and our reluctance to share about our faith with others. It seems to become a never-ending road of guilt and embarrassment. For the next seven weeks we are going to creatively look at six different styles of making disciples, and I bet you will be able to relate to at least one of them. My hope and prayer is that as you discover your style of disciple-making, you will let the Holy Spirit take you and impact the world in a mighty way . . . Impact to the Max!



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